Future Documentary

In a few weeks, we will begin to shoot a documentary that will chronicle the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) season for 2011-2012.  What was once a child's game has now evolved into one of the largest competitive card game circuits.

The Play! Pokémon TCG Tournaments are hosted at the city, state, regional, and national level and pit men and women of all ages through various stages until one is crowned the victor.  The warriors will travel hundreds of miles to compete in as many competitions as they can in the hopes of accruing enough points for an invitation to the National Tournament in Indianapolis. 

The goal of our documentary is to chronicle the tournament in its entirely with special focus on the behind the scenes aspect of it all.  Although this will be our first full-length documentary, we trust that our presentation and knowledge of the Pokémon Card Game will be a refreshing perspective to a life foreign to most.

Click here to learn more about the Play! Pokémon Organized Play and to get a better understanding of what we will soon be documenting.


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