Google Plus in Asia

In the two weeks after the release of Google Plus, there have been more than 10 million users worldwide, which represents only a fraction of Facebook's 750 million users.  This landmark was announced by Google CEO Larry Page at the July 14th earnings call. There has now been a push into the Asian market as over 500,000 users have latched onto the new social medium.  The goal by Google is to dominate Asia as the preferred networking site.

Click here for a table that represents the user base in Asia, where India is dominating at more than 322,000 users. This puts India only second to the United States in terms of the total users of the site.  As Facebook is growing slow in Asia in Quarter 2 and Google Plus is increasing at a rapid rate, Google+ will have a chance to be a formidable opponent in the race to become the top social network site.  And unlike Google's first attempt at a social site, Buzz, this time around proves a far better chance with increased security, shared circles, and a simple layout.

The push for Asia is in advertising.  With the West already won by Facebook, Asia in the new frontier.  97% of Google's profits are from advertisements. This is what drives social networking into the East.  If you can dominate Asia, then you dominate the World.


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