Inner City Bike

The bike has been around for hundreds of years and as time went on, so did the reinvention of the bicycle.  Joey Ruiter has taken this one step forward by breaking the bike down to its most simplest form.  His creation is the Inner City Bike. 

The concept of the Inner City Bike is simplicity.  There are no frills, no gears, and even no chain.  Although a collaboration of art and functionality, the Inner City Bike will still get you from point A to point B in an urban and busy environment.

For me, the art of design happens when you change the way things are perceived, when a new word is coined to express what you’ve done. It challenges conventionality and creates new stories, interactions and rarity we strive for.

My only concern is that the lack of chain and the unicycle style back wheel may cause more fatigue while riding than your average fixie.  Either way, this is a clean and sharp new outlook on one of the most common vehicles in the modern age.  [via] 

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