Michael's Music Mondays, Vol. I

You might be thinking "Finally, 'Music Monday Review' is published! I wish this was so last week! What took so long?" So as to not violate why The Daily Serge exists - that is, in order to bring you the most organic blogging experience we can - the absolute necessity to fully engage your attention musically, artistically, and spiritually became obvious as drafts of volume came and went throughout last week. This is why the launch of TDS's "Music Review Monday" was postponed one week - so as to quench the thirst acquired from being stranded on the musically-deserted island of day-to-day life. I can only hope this quenching will be brought about via The Daily Serge's "Music Monday Review" as as new musical realities and solutions unfold before your very eyes.

Lollapalooza is an annual weekend long music festival. Although conceived in 1991, the festival encountered some turbulance in 1997 and was revived in 2003. Since 2005, the festival has found its home in Chicago's Grant Park. In 2010, the festival branched out overseas to Chile, where it is has been held in the nation's capital, Santiago.

Headlining acts throughout the past have included Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, The Cure, The Killers, Rage Against the Machine, Arcade Fire, Nine Inch Nails, Lady GaGa, Social Distortion, Foo Fighters, The National, MGMT, The Strokes, Kings of Leon, Jane's Addiction, X Japan, Soundgarden, Metallica, Daft Punk, DeadMau5, The Smashing Pumpkin, Green Day, Eminem, Radiohead, Coldplay, and Muse.

Given the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend Lollapalooza's twentieth anniversary festival, I grabbed the occasion as a bear grabs a salmon.

Performance of the weekend you ask? Hands down - Eminem. Though Eminem is not my favorite artist from the 2011 Lollapalooza lineup, his performance on Saturday, August 6th at the Music Unlimited stage was superb. With classy, yet raw and genuine charisma that could only be rivaled by Muse's frontman, Matthew Bellamy, Eminem gave his heart to his audience that night. This is something that many artists fail to do, despite it being the foundation to great music and performance. With both Rihanna and Bruno Mars present for the performance, one can only dream of how monumental the two hour show geared up to be. Just when it seemed to good to be true, Marshall closed out his set with "Lose Yourself." That says enough on its own. You don't have to take my word for it - just take a look at the video.

Until next Monday
Music Mike


  1. Finally, a music update that is new and fresh! Forget MTV, and hello MMM...

  2. The first International Lollapalooza was definitely spring of this year, not last year. It was in line with the 20th anniversary.

    Eminem's performance was the best because he didn't treat the audience like it was a mass of strangers coming to watch him sing, but a reunion of 10,000 of his old friends.

  3. 10000? You mean like 60000? ;)