ABC's Wipeout 2 Announced

Only months after the release of Wipeout for the Xbox 360,  its sequal is scheduled to be launched in time for this Christmas.  Wipeout 2 promises to bring back much of the smae fast paced action seen in the original game, but this time, will for both consoles and hand held devices.

Wipeout's Creator and Executive Producer, Matt Kunitz, spoke brifly in a recent press release focused on the upcoming game:  “I’m excited that the video game series is evolving just like our show,” ... “Players will experience all the fun of the new winter and summer courses without being sore in the morning!” 

Aside from having more than 50 different games in the Wipeout Zone, the game promises to contain special games that are console specific, whether it is for the Nintendo 3DS or for the Xbox Kinect.  Also, there will be various seasons that will add more difficulty to the challenges.  This gives the player the chance to navigate on the ice, water, and land...and even on giant red balls.  My roomate at Marsh One loves the show, so I trust that he will enjoy the game, too...we'll find out this Christmas!


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