Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Emerging Powers Prerelease Tournament

During the next few weeks, Pokémon Trading Card Game will be releasing the new Emerging Powers Theme Decks.  Although the official release to the public will be August 30th, Pokémon enthusiasts will be given a sneak peak in various tournaments across the country.  These tourneys do not affect the rankings of the players, but they do offer a chance to test new deck strategies, get a head start on new card combinations, and trade among the other competitors for cards that would impact their playing styles.

The general layout of the Pokémon Pre-release is as follow:  You will get six booster packs of the new cards, which you use to construct a 40-card deck. (Basic Energy is provided.) At the end of the tournament, you will get another two packs of cards. You will keep all of these cards. You will also receive a Pre-Release Promo Card and a special Pre-Release item (while supplies last). And, there will be door prizes!  Local leagues may also hold side tournaments after the main event, as well, which are a ton of fun.

To find a local tournament near you, please Click Here to find the closest venue.  Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook {links will be posted later this evening}, as well as The Daily Serge, to stay up to date on our documentary.  Once the season begins, we will be able to show behind the scene clips of the progress we have made.


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