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Until now.

What to expect?: Expect anything and everything from Tesla's nearly-perfected Death Rays, to Hyundai's world-leading shipbuilding facility (they've built ships way before cars); to MOTORCYCLES; MULTI-SITE CHURCH BROADCASTING APPLICATIONS; CARS; PHONES; TABLETS; OSs; and the possibilities are endless. Ocassionally even a little fun with Superhero Science, BUT MOSTLY REAL-WORLD STUFF.

For now, enjoy a list of intriguing Tech that's most certainly worth your knowing about
(If Leno can have lists, so can we).

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TOP TEN TWEETABLE TECHNOLOGIES, by JTweet (week of Aug. 30, 2011)
If it's worthy of news, it's tweetable. Run an' tell that.

This is no Harry Potter myth; scientists have actually created metamaterials that bend light around an object or person. If you think that's impressive: the Brittish Have already successfully demonstrated cloaking technology for their tanks. This is accomokished by using cameras and projectors, essentially live-streaming a feed of the vehicle's surrounding terrain and projecting that footage onto the tank's surface, as if you were looking straight through the vehicle. Scientists at University of Birmingham in the UK have also had success making things "dissapear" with composite calcite crystals. These crystals are A) Natural, and B) can grow to be about 20 ft.

How big is your car? 'nuff said.

This is a future article, I tell you. Northland Church in Orlando, FL has taken the multi-site church to the next level. Just this past weekend I caught up wjth a relative who attends Northkand. A Professor at Full Sail University in the visual and graphic arts, she explained her astonishment at the creative feat know as Worship there. Let me put it to you like she did me:
Imagine your favorite worship song being played. But imagine that the drum part was preformed by a single Drum Section, a Drum Section halfway around the world in Africa. Imagine the Guitar Section in London. And finally, the lead vocals done in Orlando. ALL. SYNCHED. TOGETHER. IN. REAL-TIME.
That's enough for now; we'll revisit this again sometime, believe me.

Remember 'Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen'? John Turturro's character calls in a favor and gets a U.S. Naval vessel to shoot a "prototype" weapon (that works FLAWLESSLY btw, thanks to Michael Bay) at the giant Construction Crew conconction of a Decepticon.
Much like the Invisivbility Cloak, this is also based on fact. Austrian-American Inventor Nikola Tesla created early designs of a "Death Ray"/"Particle Beam"/"Insert Your Favorite Halo Weapon Here" that for all intents and purposes shoots litghning in a specific direction. Unlike the Tesla Coil, this Death Ray is much more controlable, amd can be used to literally shoot entire fleets of airplanes out of the sky in seconds. The technology is currently being modernized and perfected by the now-government-funded Applied Energetics. The company was originally formed and run by entreprenuer and engineer Robert Howard (of Howard Televisions) who, as a child, was a huge fan of Tesla. Improvements to the original concept led to the creation of an Remote IED-Detonation defensive weapon, in addition to advancements in the Death Ray. The technology is still being brought to full frution (government funding = slower time tables), but make no mistake: THE TECHNOLOGY IS FUNCTIONAL.

BMW has created smart headlights that turn when you do, lighting up your turns more effectively. Somewhere the figure of "90% visibility improvement" jumped out at me, but I'll let you do your own research. So what's the lesson here: consider your safety next time you lease or finamce a vehicle. PLUS: the tech supposedly works with motorcycles.

Exactly what it sounds like: DIRECTV ON YOUR PHONE/LAPTOP/DESKTOP.


Exo-skeletons are nothing new to the scientific community. The challenge lies in refining them; and also creating an efficient portable power source that doesn't amount to carrying 20-lbs of batteries on your back.


I stumbled upon this on the Discovery Channel. Combining this with an Exo-Skeleton coukd very well give us an early-version "Iron Man" — or at least another suit to place next to Magma-Ultraviolet-Magnetic-Shark-Repelling Batman (ah, 90s toys...)

8. iCloud
Do your own research.


I long for the day I can say "Jarvis, find me the next showing of "insert movie title here"; and not only will my phone do so reasonably fast, but it will read me the next showtime and ask me if I wish to purchase tickets.

Or "How many 3 pointers has John Wall made so far this season?" or "What was Patrick Dempsey's first movie?" or "Do woodchucks really chuck wood?"

It's the little things.

10. Gs

Within a year or so, cell phone signals should be able to penetrate even thick concrete by taking over the frequemcies originally used by non-HD television antennas. Supposedly cell phones should currently be able to do this — but changes to tech and methods can sometimes be slow.

That's the wrap; go; dream; create; do; live.


Two bonuses:

A motorcycle you couldn't steal if I GAVE you the keys:

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  1. Well not exactly how it sounds. The Nomad will let you transcode up to 20 hours of shows from your DVR into a temporary file that will expire after 30 days, but you can watch on your iPhone, or PC. The trancoding process takes as long as the show is, so make sure you plan well ahead of your need. Working at DISH I was excited to see the Nomad released because it had claimed it would be a competitor for the sling adapter. Unfortunately the Nomad is not that with the limits on it and the price tag of $150.00, it is over priced and underachieving. The sling adapter that it claims to be able to compete with is $99.00 (free for new qualified DISH subscribers) and it allows you to stream all your live channels and recorded shows to your mobile device no matter where you are, and on your whim, no planning required.

  2. Shaun, thanks for that insight. Unfortunately you're right about the limitations of on-demand mobile streaming of live TV, but the world is definitely edging ever close (the adapter you described (the one that's free for qualified DISH customers) is a prime example). The Future is in On Demand content. The big Networks (NBC, ABC, etc.) must be keen on this transition, or suffer the consequences in 50 years time. They're making progress, but there is still a long way to go. Then again, 15 years ago people would have thought you were crazy if you predicted a device roughly the size of a deck of cards being able to play, store, make, and share music, movies, and photos -- on top of taking phone calls and being able to play video games.