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In the past few weeks, The Daily Serge has picked up steam. We've got great new authors, a huge rush of Facebook 'Likes', and at least 5 people are following us on Twitter...okay, so the latter is not great, yet, but what really has surprised us is that small companies have asked us to review their products! And for the best! The items vary immensely, but the fact we are even getting this opportunity is more than we could ask for. So, without further ado, today's Daily Review is brought to you by Ink Garden.

Ink Garden specializes in customizable hardware. From blankets to mousepads, Ink Garden has what you need in order to create personalized mementos for businesses, family reunions, or whatever you need to promote and gift. In our case, we were given the chance to have a custom mug. Although there are tons of options and templates for each one, I decided to keep it simple. Partly because our official logo was still in the development stage, but also because simplicity is key to complexity. That last part was an on the spot quote...

The order was shipped out the next day and arrived in less than 5 business days. When the mailbox was opened an a package was for The Daily Serge, the small dream of becoming more than just a blog was realized. We were a label of ingenuity. After ripping open the Styrofoam, it was like being Indiana Jones seeing the Lost Ark revealed (luckily, my face did not melt off). It was exactly how I designed. After a quick rinse and dry, I kept it on our kitchen's butcher block like a trophy to showoff to my housemates.

And now, as I drink my sweet tea at work out of the chalice, things can only go up for The Daily Serge.

A little PR goes a long way...

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  1. Sweet tea tastes a little sweeter in a TDS mug!