Michael's Music Monday, Vol. 2

The votes have been tallied and your voice has been heard!

After launching a poll via our official Facebook page asking what you felt was the song of the summer, you answered with LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." A close second was DJ Kahled's "I'm On One," which features Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross.

Whether you find yourself sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike, dancing your night away until the sun rises, or doing an extreme form of exercise that requires some sort of musical distraction, this pop culture phenomenon gripped the heart of the nation as it took the summer of 2011 by storm and is sure to do the same for you. Initially released in January, the song did not gain its momentum/popularity until the spring/early summer of 2011. Once this came to be, the sky was literally the limit for LMFAO (duo RedFoo and SkyBly), Lauren Bennett, and GoonRock. When asked about the potential of "Party Rock Anthem" to be deemed 'song of the summer of 2011,' RedFoo told MTV News "Yeah, it was in the coordinates [being recorded historically as 'song of the summer of 2011' against "I Wanna Go" and "Edge of Glory"], so to speak, if you're gonna say 'take off.' We knew that there would possibly be some turbulence; we rose above it. We elevated above it and navigated to that position. We had our sonar. It was a vision, a dream carried out" (bold added for emphasis). Check out this page for more of the interview and for further analysis.

With interesting cross rhythms (variations of three against two), a steady beat (don't stop that bass), a fast paced tempo (MM = 130), and a melody that could sing infants to sleep, "Party Rock Anthem" is worthy to be given the crown it has received amongst many communities of people and will undoubtedly get you dancing regardless of whether you are drunk or sober. Though mostly an electronic production using little to no actual instrumentation other than the vocals of the performers, the endeavor is successful in my book. Since LMFAO and Lauren Bennett are such great performers (singers and dancers), this compensates for the lack of actual instrumental talent and understanding of music necessary to compose this song.

The song climaxes around 4:55 (according to the music video, NOT the single edit) with a steady thirty-second loop that gradually builds to this point. Lead by the only contribution Lauren Bennett actually makes to the song (repeating of "Get up, get down, put your hands up to the sun") and perfected by the choreography of Quest Crew, all music ceases for one beat and reassumes on beat two of that measure (timed perfectly with a dance move some random guy does in the video), throwing the listeners off, according to the natural progression of stress and meter. From here, the song essentially outros, restating the themes (melodic and rhythmic) that were introduced in the beginning of the song.

Purchase your copy of "Party Rock Anthem" on iTunes today. Heck, next time you're in bumper to bumper traffic, maybe you can start an inter-vechicular, seatbelt limiting shuffle fest with those people behind you that you've grown to know so well!

Until next Monday.

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  1. Just reading the article makes me want to dance!