Michael's Music Monday, Vol. 3

Katy Perry began her ascension as a pop culture sensation in 2008. As a phoenix rises from its ashes, Perry has similarly risen from the ashes of her first mainstream album, One of the Boys. This album was the thirty-third highest selling album in the year 2008, but this was only the beginning of a extraordinary musical career. Since this catapult, Perry has enjoyed the success of having five number one chart hits something no other album has done, with the exception of Michael Jackson's Bad. "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" is one of those five chart toppers and the subject of The Daily Serge's third installment of "Michael's Music Monday Review."

Despite its obvious pop orientation, this song contains many aspects of actual music artistry. With a rich, dark blue, electronic, yet metallic tone, counterpoint marked harmonies, impressive bass rifts, rich and directed vocal melody, and consistent rhythm guitar, "Last Friday Night" (commonly referred to as "T.G.I.F.") is a song that literally works for any type of musician. Hell, there is even an alto sax solo in the B section of the song given by Kenny G. Compositionally, what more can one ask for? Though weak lyrically, the song is strong enough musically to compensate for the demands of our more poetic inclined readers.

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