Pokémon TCG: Emerging Powers Black and White Prerelease: Part 1

The long awaited report on the Pokémon Trading Card Game Pre-release Tournament is finally here!  As you should know, the crew of The Daily Serge is comprising a documentary to chronicle the 2011 - 2012 season of the trading card game and this pre-release was the first sanctioned event by the Play! Pokémon corporation (For a quick recap of what we are going to to, click Here and Here).  Unlike the events that will actually affect your overall record and standing amongst, the Pre-release is for pure fun and puts all of the best players on the same playing field as even the newest of the new.  The setup was simple. You are given six booster packs, each with 10 card, and you must make a deck of 40 cards.  I knew I would shine under this format because every player was limited to the same sets and generally the same cards.  

I ended up sitting in the back left of the room with my own personal cards and a video camera and tri-pod.  At my table were three other kids no older than 12.  I did not let that bother me and in fact, I help them with strategy and reminisced about the 'Glory Days' of 1998 playing Pokémon with the original 150 in my friend's garage.  Needless to say, I was a force to be reckoned with.  But times have changed and there are over 450 different Pokémon to remember...these 12 year olds knew them all.  As the start of the actual tourney gained closer, I began to film and take pictures.  With some B-roll in hand and some nice stock photos, I figured I had enough for the documentary at the time.  But to some, I had too much....this 'some' came in the form of an angry mother of one of the kids at the table.  See, while filming, I inadvertently filmed one of the kids while battling another one of the boys at my table.  This caught the eyes of his parents; his father told him to help him with something.  That is when Mama-dukes came in for the kill and openly yelled at me wondering why I was filming their kid.  Explaining to her that I was filming a movie to follow the game only seemed to dig me deeper in a hole.  The only way to console her, by her forceful request, was to delete all the footage....all of it....and since I was not yet fully approved to film at these Sanctioned events (that came later that day), there was nobody to turn to...

That will all change for the upcoming Battle Roads event.  This is where players from around the area will bring their perfectly crafted decks that they have been working on all year to.  Although the points to be gained or lost are minimal compared to the City, States, and other tournaments, it is important to practice with  which deck types to build up and to see what others are running.  Last year, I ran a deck that only beat my girlfriend.  My tactics were too simple, though.  A) Only use the original 150 Pokémon, and B) use a lot of powerful looking ones.  It was a bad tactic.

Tomorrow, I will publish Part II of the Pre-release and detail how I was able to have a positive winning record.  Although strategy played a part in it, the truth of the matter is that the Pre-release is designed to give the new folks a chance to have fun and even win a few matches.

Finally, here is a picture of me beating my girlfriend from last year's City Tournament.  She is a good player and we were neck and neck the whole time.  My fear is that she has been creating a deck behind my back that will actually put me in my place.....


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