The Six Year Plan -Bassnectar

I've just returned from a journey, and my night was LEGEN- (wait for it...)

My night went a little like this.

Objective: see Bassnectar
Destination: Charlotte, North Carolina

It was a great show. I'm not even gonna bother writing (extensively) about it, for it would do no justice. Pictures and Videos. That's it.

Starting off the night the right way with a 7-11 Taquito. Legit.

Half a pack of Cloves, a Monster energy drink, and about 3 hours later, we arrived. Checked into the hotel room and settled. Then the journey began.

This show was at the wonderful Grady Cole Center. Unfortunately for us, Google Maps didn't know where the GCC was, so we got to experience the Charlotte night life for a bit. Even worse, 80% of the "locals" we ran into had never heard of this venue. Just my luck, right?

Eventually, we got there. The place was packed. Sold out show. Awesome. While waiting to get in, I ran into this guy a couple times:

"Anyone seen my good friend Molly around here?"

And finally, the moment you all have been waiting for. BASSNECTAR

I'm fairly certain that because of last night, I'm now half deaf. The sound system and amps were pushing so much air through the speakers that there was no point in having A/C.

Maybe my camera was fuzzy. Maybe I have shaky hands. Maybe the humidity was messing with the camera lens...


MAYBE there was a rip in the space/time continuum from the level of epic in the room. MAYBE the room was shaking from the amount of kinetic energy generated by all the hooligans dancing! MAYBE, for just a moment, everything was right in the world.

You decide.

This pretty much sums up my night. DARY!

Until Next Time.