The Six Year Plan - PopTart Cake

Many men have fought and died for perfection. FACT. This seemingly unattainable goal has been the driving force for every advancement known to man. Just ask this guy.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, perfection has been found, and its name is Poptart Cake.

This sweet treat has taken years to perfect. Only a handful of individuals know its origin; even fewer know how to prepare it. Some speculate that Zeus himself bestowed this recipe upon humans, whispering a single phrase: "game-changer."

If you want to be cool like Zeus, I suggest you pay attention to this next part...


- 1 Funfetti Cake Mix Box (brand doesn't matter)
- The Shit the Funfetti Cake Mix Box tells you you'll need.
- 2 Strawberry Poptarts ( with icing) ( crumbled )
- 2 Blueberry Poptarts (with icing) ( crumbled )
- 1 cup of sliced/diced starwberries
- 1 cup of whole blueberries


- Make batter like the box says.
- Add the rest of the Shit in it
- Mix and Bake like the box says.
- While it's baking, pour yourself a Grey Goose on Rocks, just so you can feel classy as fuck.

I would post a picture for you, dear reader, but while trying to capture it's holy essence, my camera ignited in flames. It's just too pure. You'll just need to see it for yourself.

Until Next Time

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