Ever find yourself searching for the best burger? The exhaustive journey has officially come to an end, thanks to The Daily Serge.

After arriving at Washington, DC on trip with great company, Bobby's Burger Palace was the first of many joints to be checked off of the agenda of the day. Thank goodness this was the case.

Located in the heart of DC and elsewhere along the 95 beltway, with a warm, clever ambiance throughout the restaurant, Bobby Flay offers reasonably priced burgers with a variety of sides and drinks. Think of Five (Guys)... well, don't think anything, because there is no other burger that I have come across that comes close to Bobby's original. Seasoned in God knows what, my eyes opened shortly after taking my first bite in sheer fascination with the sensory explosion that consumed my mouth and mind. A few more bites later, I realized what I had discovered that day - a burger to trump all. This burger was so good that I literally brought it up in conversation up to twenty four hours later.

If you are in the American Northeast, make your way into a BBP before you die. You will not regret it.


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