Michael's Music Monday, Vol. 5

Arguably the most influential rapper to date, The Notorious B.I.G./Biggie Smalls/Big Poppa/The Black Frank White (Christopher George Latore Wallace) is subject of today's Monday Music Review, brought to you by the team at The Daily Serge.

Commonly referred to as the anchor of the early East Coast rap scene, Biggie captured his audiences with real, relatable, down to earth lyrics and musical accompaniment that has yet to be matched - i.e. actual instruments were still used (bass lines that rival jazz bassists...)  This musical style is obvious in Biggie's song "Hypnotize."

With bass that keeps the song moving, a trippy guitar (?) that has hypnotic musical properties as it recurs throughout the song, and the famous lines "Biggie Biggie Biggie, can't you see?  Sometimes your words just hypnotize me..."  "Hypnotize" is a staple of the hip-hop/rap movement and any contemporary music library.  The catalyst to Biggie's mainstream infiltration, "Hypnotize" is appropriate for many occasions, such as dinner parties or social gatherings that require a build in hype (where using music that is about twenty years old is encouraged since it isn't mainstream).

Just imagine if Wallace wasn't assassinated at 24...


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