Michael's Music Monday Review, Vol. 8

Just when you thought The Daily Serge couldn't get any better, it did - two "Michael's Music Monday Review" posts in one day!  Talk about bang for your buck!

Volume eight is the product of traveling to San Francisco, California.

Close your eyes.  Imagine perfection.  You might be mentally visualizing yourself in a rental car (2011 Ford Taurus, white, great gas mileage.) driving to SFO (San Francisco International Airport) driving south on state highway 101 (or I280), listening to Bon Iver's "Holocene" around sunset, between 55 and 60 degrees with little to no humidity (the point where minor condensation forms on windshields if not maintained because of body heat)  This is where I found myself 174 hours ago.

"Holocene" features calm, intuitive, and reflective/meditative acoustic guitar with mellow vocals.  The rather simple song is exactly what is needed when driving in a region that is unfamiliar (though not impossible to navigate) in preparation to leave a great sabbatical behind.  The continued arpeggiated  theme in the guitar coupled with light drums throughout the song breed the perfect ambiance for taking life more seriously than you otherwise would for about half an hour after listening to it for the last time.


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