NOTICE: "Tech Tuesdays w/ JTweet returning SOON

Dear readers,

My apologies for the lack of a TECH TUESDAYS post last Tuesday. IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW, my agreement with The French Revolution (aka JFrench, who
isn't actually French) and The Power Serge was that I would contribute when my schedule allows — so far that's been bi-weekly. YET, I HAD HOPED to get a weekly column going after last week's coverage of the 4S. Not so — I was largely unavailable last Moday-Tuesday. Rather than slap something together like a middle school
science project, I feel that you deserve the best. And THE BEST IS YET TO COME...

TECH TUESDAYS is consists of organic articles centered around Business, Science, and Technology — AND I LOVE IT WHEN THE THREE INTERSECT. I just found out about a new company (a well-established company that happens to be new to me), a company called ASUS that does some very innovative things with hardware. Currently, I am researching the company and product history to provide fresh, up-to-date insights. ALSO: another company that provides what so far has been the smallest HUD projection system that I've ever seen – one that's as simple as slipping on a pair of ZZ Top's Cheap Sunglasses.

IN THE MEANTIME, enjoy this article via Engadget about WIRELESS WALLETS.


Google Wallet & the New Nexus:


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