The Six Year Plan - Turning 21

Before we begin, please listen to this or this.

I turned 21 yesterday. Thus far, the weekend has been epic.

It's been very convenient that this weekend is Fall Break. All that really means is that we had classes cancelled on Friday. Which means that gave me an extra night to get fucked up. Bring it on, Thursday.

The night started with me picking up my friend. I got to his place, and the first words out of his mouth were "hey, try this." It was delicious. My response to him was "oh, yeah, its good man, I can hardly taste the rum." He then showed me how to make the drink: pour glass 80% full with rum, add sweet tea mix, stir, add ice cube. My response: OH SHIT DUDE, I'M TWO SHOTS IN ALREADY, WE GOTTA GET HOME.

Much more alcohol later, and I was good to go. Ended up at a friends place. That's where the magic really happened. The night is recapped from a friend, so here we go:

"first you kept telling me how you were making memories, not just for you but for me, because I would be the one to remember everything, there was A LOT of robot dancing, and air drums [i literally spent an hour playing air drums] , couple SANDWICHES [HIMYM reference] later you were riding Kiba [dog] through the desert, told me you were a super hero, and you tried flying, which looked kinda fun hahah, you tried teaching Kiba to do some tricks, after you raided Mason's pantry, had several expired food items, including 3 day old pizza"

As you can see, Thursday was a damn good night. Unfortunately, Friday was spent recovering. I had a jazz band concert at 7 PM, and lets be real, I'm a responsible adult.

Once that show was over, I was free. A quick trip to the ABC store, two bottles of vodka and two bottles of gin later, it was game time. Friends gathered in the apartment and we had a merry time. After much pre-gaming, I headed downtown with a roommate. Sounds like the quintessential Six Year Plan, doesn't it? I love being 21.

We traveled long and far, finally arriving at the wonderful Big Al's. It's the only bar you can smoke in, so I HAD to have a cigarette. Drunken me did at least. No regrets. Downtown is really crowded, I'm not sure if it's completely my thing, but I had to go last night: I turned 21 dammit.

Spoiler Alert: I may still be a little drunk. Moving on.

Big Al's was great. I didn't pay for a single drink. At this point in the Blog, I am trying desperately hard not to fill the stereotype. Anyway, we hung out, I texted A LOT of people, tried playing pool, but that didnt happen. Oh well, eventually we walked home. I pretty much got home, and went to sleep. BUT, DEAR READER, I MADE YOU A SPECIAL GIFT BEFORE I ENTERED DREAM LAND.

I awoke to find the N64 still on from the night before.

Until Next Time.


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