Michael's Music Monday Review, Vol. 10

Well, we did it folks.  We finally made it to double digits - ten volumes of Michael's Music Monday.  I'd like to thank all of our readers who have braved the course with myself and the rest of The Team at TDS.  There have been a lot of ups and downs along the journey, but none that could not be conquered...

Since I have entered an entire new sphere of blogging with this massive milestone, I decided to celebrate this with a little shake-of-the-beehive today.  Don't freak out - not much will change.  You may have noticed that normally I suggest things to listen to.  Today will be the opposite.

If this article had a subtitle, it would be "Albums I Won't be Buying."

Coldplay's latest album Mylo Xyloto hit stores 24 October.  After sampling enough of the album to realize that it was exactly what I expected - unoriginal, recycled material (yes, I agree with Coldplay's critics in that all of their music sounds the same) I decided to advise against mindlessly throwing your money into this album.  I was not nearly as critical of Coldplay after the initial release of their pervious album three years ago, but I am convinced my ears have matured since then.  It's no surprise that I have finally realized that Beethoven's Fifth Symphony deserves every acclaim it receives within this same period of time.

Disappointed, I came up with what I think is an appropriate analogy to the band's growth and this album's niche amongst that development.  Practically, bridges (architecturally speaking - not musically...  ;)  ) connect two areas of land that are separated by water.  A great and recently encountered example of this is the Golden Gate Bridge.  This famous bridge connects the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County, California.  If one was to take a road trip in which they needed to cross this bridge, the bridge would undoubtedly be the highlight of the trip.  I like to think of the band's fourth album, Viva la Vida or Death and All of His Friends, the album released before Mylo Xyloto, as the bridge between the Coldplay then and the Coldplay now.  Musically, this album broke the mold of their previous works, yet served as a connection between the more acoustic and traditional earlier albums to the more synthesized, less structured, weaker melodied Mylo Xyloto.  The band's earlier works in this road trip would be the leg of the trip leading up to the Golden Gate from the San Francisco Peninsula, with Mylo Xyloto finishing the trip with Marin County and to wherever else you may go.  On this road trip, after crossing the Golden Gate (something that absolutely brag-worthy for a native to the East Coast) it does not take much time to realize that San Francisco was a hell of a lot better than wherever else you end up.

Sure, the albums has great moments and a few good tracks, but you'll find me listening to "Clocks" the next time I drive to soccer practice.

Until next week

Music Mike


  1. Oh. How it hurts to see my friends go down this path.

    Keep up the work though. We need more of this stuff.

  2. hahaha I jut feel they've sold out! Too poppy.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFIS729GvI4&feature=re%C2%ADlmfu