Michael's Music Monday Review, Vol. 11

Album artwork for Symbolic Beginning
A lot has happened this week, musically speaking.  First and foremost, I realized that LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" is likely to go down in the books as the song of 2011.  There's just an aura about it.  Second, I've warmed up to Rihanna's "Found Love in a Hopeless Place."  I haven't yet committed to liking it, but after hearing it a few times on the radio the past few days, I have found some admirable things compositionally going on with the song.  I also found out that "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People is a sleeper hit that was actually released in January of 2010.  Yet, despite these breakthroughs in relating to pop music of my own generation, something I've struggled with all of my life until recently, I write to you for the second time reviewing Price - the man, myth, and musical legend.

Some people think animals used to be able to speak.  I'm not here to debate that, though I don't necessarily think that was the case.  But who knows - I wasn't there.  However, I will go to the grave arguing that guitars can speak.  Don't believe me?  Listen to any  guitar that has been touched by Matthew Bellamy (I have yet to write of him or Muse, but that is definitely on the horizon [afraid of doing them an injustice]), Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson), or John Mayer [in that order, in my personal opinion], among others.  These guitars would probably tell you that these guys know what is going on.  They might even tell you about how these guys broke their necks...

94 East's album Symbolic Beginning  is a strong testament to this.  With only six tracks, most feature the man himself (notice the album artwork - "featuring Prince" ...) shredding his guitar like he was the bad guy from TMNT.  Check out the entire album if you're looking for a new flavor - like black coffee, no sugar, no cream - fancy funk, music at large, or are a human and still breathing.  I especially recommend my two favorite tracks off the album, "If You Feel Like Dancing" and "One Man Jam."  When I originally purchased the album (Yes, I still buy music...) I preferred "One Man Jam" with no close second, though recently my loyalties have began to split.  "One Man Jam" is entitled such because Prince recorded all instrumentation except for the bass and percussion tracks.  "One Man Jam" has more of a funk undertone with heavy synthesizer, while "If You Feel Like Dancing" reminds me of craft selection menu music from Pilot Wings on Nintendo 64.  Regardless of how that makes you feel, the song is absolutely legit and forces me to bust out my air Fender.

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