Michael's Music Monday Review, Vol. 12

D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat
Take a step back.  Put yourself in the mind and body of a twenty-two year old male.  Stay here for a second.  Now imagine a song so good that you would stop mid-conversation with a potential [female] in order to dance to said song.  This song is undoubtedly Junior Senior's appropriately named "Move Your Feet."  

At three minutes flat, this shorty but goody is nothing less than sheer fun.  If I ever attempted an all-night dance off, this would be among my top three songs come 2:23 AM, although let's be real, this is probably among my top three dance songs anyway...

With an appropriately paced tempo (approx 118 BPM - not too fast but not slow), bass that slams like The Stone Cold Stunner, hints of disco influence, "Move Your Feet" is a great tune that'll get you doing just that - moving your feet.  I'm not certain as to which color this song is, but hints of yellow are present.  I think the palate present on the album artwork above is appropriate for this song.  Don't let this song being a one hit wonder prevent you from enjoying it - that's what they're for.  I advise to do just that - listen to it if you haven't.  You won't regret it.  


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