Paint With All the Colors of the Blue Corn Moon

Excuse my Pocahontas reference in the title.  I just got back from frolicking in the woods and leaping off of waterfalls.

Anyway, in addition to being a design feign, I’m an English major.  Being an English major means that we read…a lot… all the time, really.  Last semester, in a Literature class, my professor assigned a Tennessee Williams book called Night of the Iguana.  Good read, if you’re looking for one.  While reading this book, we did all the classic English major things like pick it apart for symbols, hidden meaning, personification, etc.  The major thing I remember from analyzing the book is that white is the color of sterility, insanity and fear.

That symbolism leads me to this question: why why why do people insist on designing rooms in a monochromatic white palette?  This is not a color scheme, folks.  This is the ultimate absence of anything interesting to look at.  To be completely honest with you (we’re at that level, right?), I feel like I’m in some sort of asylum or institution when I find myself surrounded by all white décor.

I get it, though.  Different strokes for different folks, or in this case, no strokes for some folks. 

This room is my jam... get it? Jam is purple sometimes.
The thing about design is that everyone does it different, they have different preferences and different visions for their end result.  White is classic and simple, refreshing and clean; people gravitate to the things that make them comfortable. For some, that’s white.  For me, it’s not.  I actually have a deep affinity for the color purple (not Oprah’s 1985 flick) so if someone decorated a room in floor to ceiling purple, I’d be a happy girl.  

So what do you like?  What color could you see every single day and not get sick of looking at? It's a very personal choice and requires a fair amount of contemplation. You don't want to end up with the wrong shade of the perfect color, so keep in mind that a purple wall with a warm undertone will look vastly different than one with a cool undertone!  Your design ideas are made successful by paying attention to the details! 


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