Tablet Alternatives - Insight from Guest Blogger Gerard "Jad" Hernandez

The unveiling of the Kindle Fire
Thank heaven - we are no longer enslaved to carrying a portable computer in the shape of a bulky laptop with that really annoying charger cable! Nowadays, we can enjoy carrying a hip looking tablet computer with ease, functionality and a good battery life to support it. I know most readers are likely envisioning the beautiful iPad right about now, but let me say this - Amazon is creating a promising and revolutionary alternative -  the Kindle Fire!

I do believe that the iPad, functionality wise, is still the best tablet in the market as of now. However, the Kindle Fire is a great alternative for those of us who do not have an extra $629 laying around. The Fire is a great device which does almost everything the iPad can do at a fraction of the cost. Having said that, I still do think the KF still has it's flaws.. If you're smart however, you'll find there are many ways to go around it's weaknesses and turn them into strengths and save a ton of money in the process.  Oh and please people, let us not label this as an "iPad killer!" It will not beat the iPad yet, but it gives consumers a wonderful option.

Amazon's tablet's key features include access to more than 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books, as well as thousands of popular apps and games. You can also browse the internet with Amazon Silk web browser with a built in Cloud for unlimited storage. All this while navigating with a fast and powerful Dual-Core Processor on a beautiful touch screen, extra-wide viewing angle color display.  And because Amazon is the world's biggest online retailer, Fire owners also get Amazon privileges such as free and fast shipping. Oh, and the best thing about this device?  The price. 199 dollars! You read it right. 199 dollars.

The Fire's biggest weaknesses however, include the lack of 3G connection (Wi-Fi only), the lack of a camera, not having a microphone and maybe for some people, the size.

If you're smart however, you'll just unlock your phone and use that as a mobile hotspot and tether the phone with the Fire. This way, you'll always have internet when you have Wi-fi access and you'll be using your  phone's data when you're not in a Wi-Fi area. This can even be a better alternative than having an iPad 3G because owning that device, you have to pay 25 dollars a month for 3G coverage. Many consumers over-look this important detail. People, that's 25 dollars a month x 12 = 300 dollars a year in savings or spending depending on which tablet you go for!

Yes, I hear complains about the KF not having a camera and a microphone. But seriously, why will you need that when you already have a machine that does that which you carry around with you at all times.... YOUR PHONE!!! Why will you need two?! I thought the whole point was doing more, carrying less!

Which brings me to the Fire's last flaw, if you can even call it a flaw... the size. While the iPad is generously designed with a 10 inch screen, the Fire is at 7 inches. I for one am not too concerned about this because I think it makes this portable computer more... portable.

I do hope I am not sounding like a menacing iPad hater here. It is great and I would like to congratulate the people who are rich enough to have bought one. That's really not the focus. The focus is to point out an economically better tablet for the consumer as an alternative. Again, I think the iPad is the stronger device as of now and I would happily purchase one if I were a millionaire but the difference in price is just too overwhelming. For the difference of $429 (iPad 3G), I would much rather buy myself an iPhone 4s, put a down-payment for a 50-inch TV, buy a new outfit and still have left over money for gift giving for the Holidays. Bravo Amazon for creating a product that is focused on fulfilling the needs of the consumer without jacking up the price! Early Merry Christmas everyone!

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