Water into Wine... Bottles into Glasses

Let's be clear before we jump into things this week:  I'm not a miracle worker.  I think some of you may have been suffering under that illusion, so I had to dispel it before I got a Jesus-complex. 

That being said- I learned a new trick.  This isn't a trick I've tried yet but it is one that I am super stoked to try, and that counts for something, eh?  

My supply list:
Nail polish remover
Empties (glass)
Cold water in the sink

My goal (I just had the urge to convert this into a lab-report... aren't you glad I didn't?):  To turn another man's trash into this (wo)man's treasure.

You see, there's this lovely little website called Pinterest and it is filled with thousands of creative, DIY ideas that any Jane Doe can accomplish. Things like doily lamps and sugar starched lace are beautiful and unique, but hardly in the realm of rocket science.  Since I'm on Pinterest quite a bit, searching out stage design ideas, I have the chance to accumulate all sorts of ideas for rainy day projects.  The one I found today is not a rainy day project; it is a project that I will undertake as soon as the clock strikes 5 and I can gracefully dash out the office door.  Today, I will turn the aforementioned empty glass beer (cider in my case) bottles into drinking glasses. The more conservative among us can use Voss Water bottles as they are also made from glass. 

Side bar: I've been watching a copious number of How I Met Your Mother episodes in an effort to procrastinate studying for finals and writing papers.  I tell you this so that you may understand that I'm not exactly thinking clearly.  HIMYM is a direct illustration of that fact. 

But I digress- 

In order to make these glasses, you wrap a piece of yarn around the base of the bottle about five or six times, so they overlap.  Tie a knot and slide the yarn off and soak it in nail polish remover until it's thoroughly drenched in the carcinogenic liquid (bonus: you get to breathe this in when you light it on fire later).  Place the strings back around the bottle and fill your kitchen sink with cold water.  Holding the bottle over the water, light the yarn and let it burn, just as though you were Usher.  As the last of the liquid burns off the yarn, dunk the bottle in the cold water.  The cold water will shock the glass by rapidly changing the temperature of it, causing the top to come away from the base.

Following the separation, it may be beneficial to sand the edges of it slightly, so as to not slice your mouth whilst imbibing the beverage of your choice.  If this, or any other tragedy occurs during your execution of this project, I nor any other members of The Daily Serge are responsible. 

With that little legal tidbit out of the way, feel free to watch this riveting instructional video and make your own!  I can't wait to try it when I get home tonight.  

The best part about design and being a designer is trying stuff.  It may not always work right and it may not even work at all, but trying new things broadens your skill set and gives you ideas for other projects. Don't be afraid to go for it even if you wouldn't consider yourself "the creative type".  You might be far more creative than you know, but if you never try, all that potential is potentially wasted!  Attempt small and SAFE projects first... you know, like the sugar-starched lace kind of thing, and then gradually give yourself more challenging tasks!  It's fun, it really, really is.  I never thought I could do any of the stuff I do now until I tried!

So kids, suit up! 


  1. I find this post very educating. We'll see what mischief I get into...

  2. This is awesome! Great find!!! Time to make some cups tonight.

  3. This was done in the 70's during many a drug / alcohol induced stupor. Old tech.