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So my last post was pretty edgy and all, but since I'm a "lady", I must forbid myself from writing two posts in a row about setting stuff on fire or drinking beer.  I don't particularly enjoy either of those things, but since I do have my CDL, love COD, power tools and football, I've learned to monitor my public affiliation with dude activities.

I do want to update you all on the success (read: failure) of my attempt in making glass bottles into drinking glasses (read: here) though.  I went home that night, full of gusto and confidence, thinking I was about to embark on one of most legendary events in my life.  Wrong.  No such luck. The bottle did not magically morph into a way cooler version of itself.  The upside: I didn't light myself or any of my property on fire... which is especially good because, on the note of being edgy, I don't have renters insurance. Let me say however, the project isn't over.  I know it can be done.  In fact, a friend of mine tried it and it worked for him after a couple tries. 

So that's that.  On to the next. 

Last week, I ruined your lives by telling you about Pinterest.  This week, I will attempt to improve your lives by telling you to go outside.  There are approximately 37 million naturally beautifully citizens of nature that can help you decorate your home.  What's better than their beauty is their price tag: free.  (Free that is, unless you're taking things from a National Park, in which case it could cost as much as your freedom.)

Check out some holiday-inspired, nature-showcasing options after the jump! 

Wreaths are typically super expensive.  In an effort to cut the cost while increasing your craft steeze, collect things from your yard to make some equally cool door bling. This wreath can be made with:

Foam pipe insulation
Evergreen pieces

Super easy, super cheap and really festive!  People have started using wreaths to celebrate everything (what gives?), so if you find yourself hankering to make a wreath on Easter, this is a viable option... you have to subtract the evergreens and add bunny fur though. 

Pretty and basic... on your pinecones, use paint that will coordinate with whatever spare ornaments you have laying around!

Okay, this might not be holiday inspired, but it is still pretty and very convenient.  There are two ways to accomplish this one.  As pictured above, find a container with sides that are 2" high and fill it with pretty, neutral colored rocks.  The second way is a bit more labor intensive.  Pick up something that resembles a cafeteria-style lunch tray and collect the appropriate number of rocks to fill the bottom of it in a single layer.  Grab your glue gun (be sure the safety is off), and glue the rocks to the bottom! 

Peace out cub scouts! xx


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