First Official Daily Serge Giveaway!

With Christmas racing towards us (or Hanukkah for or Jewish friends, out there), you might be scrambling to find a gift or eight for a friend or relative.  The Daily Serge has heard your concerns and wants to help.  That is why we are going to give away the very first Daily Serge Mug!  While we can only assume that 'made in China' means 'forged in the fires of Mount Doom', be assured that this mug will fulfill every need and make merry your holidays.

Here's how to win:  Comment in the section below!  That is it!  We will randomly select one of the comments and whoever posted it will get the mug.  When is the deadline?  December 17th at 12:00 p.m. EST.  That is when 'Boy Meets World' ends, so I won't forget to randomly pick someone.  (The selection process will either be a) numbers in a hat, b) an Excel Spreadsheet generator that will select one, or c) line up an equal number of cat nips, assign each one a number corresponding to a poster, and let our local black cat eat....the first one she eats gets the mug.)

So let us know what you think of The Daily Serge, what you want to see more or less of, or just tell us what we need to change.  And spread the word, too!


  1. DIBS!-Chris Mitchell

  2. Hell's mine! I need a mug to match my stein! You can't deny a guy that commented in rhyme...