On That Note

1197667808-06575_full.jpgI hope everyone reading had a fabulous Christmas, receiving most, if not all of the things desired.  I can visualize the beautiful meals shared amongst families as they closed perhaps the biggest holiday of the year.  What playlist enhanced your dinner?  What was the soundtrack of your lounge time?  Did music accompany your gift exchange?  Lay that on me...

 The song "The Christmas Shoes" came up at my (beautiful - filet mignon, twice baked potatoes to name the highlights) family dinner Christmas evening.  The song is by NewSong, a Christian rock group, and was released in 2000.  There was a Lifetime film adaptation in 2002.  I'm not sure why this was done, since I think the song is absolutely terrible.  It's no wonder I only heard of it for the first time yesterday (though I would have preferred if this didn't happen at all).

"The narrator of the song is standing in line at a checkout for some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, but is not feeling the spirit of the holiday. The customer in front of him is a little boy dressed in worn, old clothes whose only item is a pair of women's shoes. The boy tells the cashier that he wishes to buy the shoes for his ill mother so that she may look her best if she meets Jesus later that night, as she is dying from cancer. The cashier informs the boy that he does not have enough money to buy the shoes, which prompts the boy to ask the narrator for help saying that although his family is too poor to make do with Christmas, his mother still made the best of celebrating it. The narrator pays for the shoes, and as the boy thanks him and walks away, the narrator finally realizes that the little boy helped him understand the true meaning of Christmas (The Christmas Shoes (song), 2011)."

Here's a decent comic spin on the song.

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