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Michael "The Power" Serge had a last minute obligation and asked me to cover his post for today. That said, bear with me (though I think you'll enjoy fresh perspective). And so on that note... 4 Words: Family Force Five Christmas.

Usually by this time of year I am very much sick of the monotonous replaying of the very same Christmas songs that I've heard so many years in a row. Where's the originality? Where's the fun in staying stuck in time, on a continuous loop? No more for me, thanks: I'm full.

Thankfully, this year has been different ("Huzzah!"). I've been listening mostly to 88.5 The Current's 12 Days of Christmas Music, and it's been nothing short of a blessing. The Current is known for showcasing alternative Christian music as well as spotlighting local artists, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality and variety of fresh CMas music I've been hearing (i.e. Flyleaf's Do You Hear What I Hear?).

Of everything I've heard, I wish to bring special attention to Family Force Five and their Christmas album -- appropriately named Christmas Pageant. First released October 6, 2009, the album features 10 tracks, covers of classics stained with the unmistakeable mark of Family Force 5's genius. The same band that brought us 'Love Addict' and 'Dance Or Die' has brought into the world fresh, danceable versions of traditional Christmas mainstays. The album starts out with a T-Pain-esque voice-modulated take on Carol Of T
he Bells ("It's The Carol Of The Bells y'all!") before moving on to the main course. From there, a delightfully mastered 'Little Drummer Boy' continues to affirm the listener that sometimes messing with a classic results in greatness.

My favorites off the album inlcude 'My Favorite Things' (which has FF5 smeared all over it like marinade), 'Angels We Have Heard On High', ff5's own 'Do You Hear What I Hear', and 'Wonderful Christmas Time' (these 3 are my favorite. 'WCT' alone is worth the album).

So, there you have it folks. If you want fresh, danceable CMas music that doesn't make you want to shove your head up a lit Chimney, Family Force 5's Christmas Pageant is what you need.

As a bonus, check out what has become my All-Time Favorite Christmas Song ever since I heard it a few weeks ago in the video below. It's by an outstanding singer-songwriter named Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson wrote 'Jesus Is Alive' on accident while working on two other songs. The result is legitimately the best CMas song I have ever heard in my 22 years of life on this Earth. Seriously.

Enjoy, share, and Don't Stop Believin'.


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