The Six Year Plan - Hookah

Dear Reader,

So, according to TDS Staff Writer Michael Serge, getting into hookah is a "trendy, college thing." Well, he may be right, but that's not the point right now. The point is, hookah is pretty awesome.

1. Social Interactions

I've never seen someone set up a hookah for just themselves. Whenever my friends get together and hookah, there's at least three people. Even better than that, if someone else shows up, there's always room for said person to join in the fun. Smoking hookah gives you a slight head buzz, and relaxes you. Don't you want to relax with your friends? Don't you want to just sit around, and enjoy each others company and conversation? That's what I thought. Hookah was made for friends.

2. Room for Improvisation

The nice thing about hookah is that you can make it anything you want. Why settle for boring Strawberry or Watermelon? YOU MIX THAT SHIT. Blend whatever you want. I was chillin' at a lounge the other night, and they mixed me Honey Dew, Pineapple, and Coconut. Correction: I was chillin' on an island, cuz that's how good that mix tasted. You can fill the bowl with different juices as well to enhance the flavor. Kool-Aid has been recommended to me several times. Urban Legend says that if you use beer, it'll get you pretty shwastey. (I've had many people confirm AND deny this claim, so I'll just have to get around to trying it out myself.)

3. Health Concerns?

According to Wikipedia, smoking Hookah poses some of the same risks as smoking cigarettes. To counter these dangers, try using tobacco free products when available. Also, to kinda point out a fallacy, how many cigarettes does the typical Smoker smoke a day? Lets assume six, if not more. How often does the typical person go to a lounge, or use a hookah? Not often. So while the ratio of cigarette risks to hookah risks may seem like 1:1, in actuality, they're more like a 60:1.
*I didn't do any calculations, just kinda making a point...

"Well, since we don't have a Hookah, I suppose we'll settle for some Khat."

4. Expense

I've never spent more than twenty dollars at a lounge. Let's say you go with three other friends. That's five bucks a head. You get to enjoy sweet shisha, wonderful company, and can chill out for as long as you want (usually an hour). Totally worth the cost. If you we're interested in buying your own hookah, it's pretty easy to find a personal one you'll enjoy. There's a huge variety of sizes, colors, and textures, and the prices go from as low as $30 to as expensive as a couple hundred. If you did buy one, maintaining is really cheap. Coals go for like, two bucks, and shisha is maybe four. Solid purchase.

If that hasn't convinced you, then I guess nothing will. Unless this guy means anything to you.

Bill Cosby approved.

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