The Six Year Plan - Taco Burgers

Dear Reader,

To celebrate the "winter wonderland" weather we've been having lately, I've decided today would be a great time to post a Six Year Plan Original Holiday Recipe. You're gonna love these seasonal treats.

If you hadn't caught on, I'm being sarcastic. It's Christmas Eve and fifty degrees. This shit is not ok. I want some snowflakes dammit. Is that too much to ask? I just wanna be as happy as these two guys.

Regardless, here it is...

What better way is there to spend the holiday season than with friends, family, loved ones, etc? Well, it's with Taco Burgers, that's what.

- Ground Beef (for as many burgers as you feel like making)
- Taco Seasoning (any brand works)(one pack per pound beef)
- Buns (for X amount of burgers)
- Toppings
- Cutting Board
- Large Pan

- Set stove top to medium-high setting and place pan on burner. 6/10 is an appropriate heat.
- Take the ground beef and spread it out on the cutting board.
- Empty packet of taco seasoning onto beef. From there, mix the seasoning into the meat with your hands. It gets kinda messy. We all make sacrifices.
- Now you have Taco beef.
- Shape into X amount of burger patties. Round and flat.
-Throw them in the pan whenever its ready. Cook, fix, and enjoy.

Yeah, I know this isn't much of a "recipe," but it is pretty awesome. I usually go with a toasted bun, some lettuce, ketchup, mustard, bacon, and pickles. If I'm feeling REALLY adventurous, I might throw some pepper jack cheese on there. A solid combination of flavors if I do say so myself. Top it off with a Gin & Ginger. We keep it classy.

Anyway, try em out. Let me know what you think. I'll just leave this here.

Until Next Time


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