On That Note

Friendly Fire's "Hawaiian Air"
I know exactly what you're thinking - New Year's 2012... where's my "best of 2011" or "what to keep an ear out for in 2012."  While a post tackling either of those topics was on my "to-do list," this just didn't happen.  I hope you like what I've got for you this week, regardless of whether or not it's the first post of a new year.

Friendly Fires' "Hawaiian Air" features consistent harmonies, decently complex polyrhythms (variations on five:four at times), dynamic vocals, and a noteworthy melodic line.  At 142 BPM, these elements reflect the song's direction and regular forward movement.

At Lollapalooza, this song was my favorite off of Friendly Fires' set.  The tempo and key fuse together to form a great song.  Think it's good recorded?  Imagine seeing it live in Chicago with the singer on cocaine.  If he wasn't, he came off as if he was.  The song goes hand-in-hand with an all male road trip (two to four hour drive).

Until next time