On That Note

"You the Boss" single artwork

On the tail end of The Daily Serge’s extensive coverage of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference and a failed attempt at getting into the CNN Republican Debate, the blog has temporarily returned to “life as usual.” 

Today’s “On That Note” features “You the Boss,” written and performed by Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj.  Off of Ross’s fifth album, the track features a nice harmonic flow throughout the entire song.  For whatever reason, this track makes me think of older hip-hip (the good stuff).  A lot of Ross’s other material does as well, but this song specifically stands out in that respect.  A modest tempo of 70 gives the song a feel of some amount of reflection.

My favorite lyric from the song is “Indoor pool, outdoor pool.”  I think this song is so universal because, let’s be honest, most guys want a woman (especially of Nicki Minaj’s stature) to tell them “you the boss.”

Until next time