Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens

I'm not totally sure what the geographic dispersal for readers of TDS looks like, but hopefully this post proves relevant to our readership. 

Since I'm the only female writer who contributes on the reg(ular) to this wonderful blog, I'm going to abuse my position a bit and write about sheets.  I know,  I know. Who cares? What does thread count even mean? Well my friends, thread count means everything!  My extensive interactions with Martha Stewart (pre-incarceration) via her television show has inspired me to take interest in such things. Just FYI, Thread count refers to the number of fibers that inhabit a square inch of a sheet... aka how soft or not-soft the sheets are.  The higher the thread count, the nicer and softer they will be! So anyway, this past week, I drove up to Boston to get back in touch with my New England roots.  I love the cold, snow and endless winter, so being there between Christmas and New Year's was perfect timing!

The first few nights, I stayed in Newbury, which is a tiny little town on the northern coast of Massachusetts, in Cape May.  My Uncle John lives in a beautiful beach house and my mom's side of the family was all gathering there for Christmas.  It was a celebration of epic proportions including fine cheese, arguably the best tequila I have ever tasted (Asombroso) and midnight swimming in the Atlantic.  It was a vacation that should be exactly what a vacations are... up late, laughing a lot and doing stupid things just for the sake of doing them.    

(We just so happened to watch a bit of The Sound of Music)

Since it was freezing and I had just infused my body with pneumonia by swimming in the ocean in January, I was in desperate need for some high thread count, luxury sheets.  Just my luck- UJ pulled through in the clutch.  With incredible bedding and a HEATED MATTRESS PAD, sleep was just a few sheep away.

Can I tell you guys what it's like sleeping in a bed that has a heated mattress pad?

It's like bacon (which I feel is getting a lot of undue attention lately), it's like angels are singing you to sleep, it's like rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens, it's similar to liking your job, it's nothing like walking across hot coals.  It's exactly like eating your three favorite meals in the same day, driving your dream car, rolling down a hill when you're little, executing the most perfect cannonball into the pool and splashing everyone who doesn't want to get wet. 

So if I can leave you with one piece of advice it would be this: buy the expensive sheets and get a freaking heated mattress pad.  You'll thank me.