The Six Year Plan - Quotes

Dear Reader,

The following is a random assortment of meaningful, humorous, or just flat out interesting quotes. Not all of these are direct quotes; some of them I simply witnessed. They may provide you some insight into that mystery that is The Six Year Plan. Take them however you'd like. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

"Be the man you wish to be."

"And the wizened corpse of Henry Clay slowly, softly smiles to itself"

"What you don't pay for on the dinner table, you pay for in the doctors office"

"I usually start making out when I cuddle like this."

"So, wanna french?"

"Profound. Profound. Profound. Profound."

"Life happens in an instant."

"I mean, we fucked: it's less you hitting on me and more just checking in."

"Yes...and Yes"

"I'm a cheese sandwich."

"I mean, would you buy a house without knowing if the faucets worked?"

"Do woodchucks chuck wood...It all makes sense!"

"I'll allow it."


"So it goes."

"Bills don't pay for themselves."



"They taste like Christmas."

"Let go and live."

"Clearly, my drunk pose is the 'double thumbs up.' "

"Dude, you danced like Ellie Goulding last night."

"Care more. Because we do what we care about."

"Fuck you, toilet. I am the internet."

"I'm gonna eat this napkin because we're making memories."

"Dude, you look like the robot guy from Chappelle's show when you dance."

"This is all you need to do to dance to Sex Rock."

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