The Six Year Plan - Working in a Dining Hall

Dear Reader,

As I sip Gin and Lime from a lovely TDS glass, I reminisce. I had a nice month home for Winter Break. Got to see friends, family, and I even got to spend quality time saving the planet. All in a months work, right? Well, playtime is finally over, and it's time to snap back to reality.

Yes, reader, The Six Year Plan is back on campus. Let the shenanigans begin. (Whether I end up remembering them or not...)

And, Dear Reader, what better way to re-introduce you to college life than by discussing what its like working in a dining hall?

The first thing you must understand: working in a dining hall is not a job built on desire. Instead, it is one built from desperation and necessity. No body wishes to work in such an environment. They need money. Simple as that. On the most basic level, restaurants exist because people NEED to eat. Dining halls operate the same way, clearly.

Operating in a dining hall is quite the double edged sword. So I'll cover both aspects:


To start, dining halls don't drug test. Otherwise, they'd be out of business. Whatever. You get to work with like minded people: they obviously were desperate enough to work there just like you! Unbreakable bonds are formed with your co-workers: you all survive the ups and downs together. It like, builds character n' shit.

Literally, Unbreakable Bonds.

Humanity likes three meals a day, so when they aren't stuffing their faces, it isn't your problem. Subsequently, when it isn't peak hours, it's usually pretty laid back. Management tends to be just as laid back. As a wise man once said "Operation Comes First." Everything after that is open to interpretation. Loopholes my friend, that's essentially what it comes down to. Lastly, you have to remember that you're working in a dining hall, surrounded by food. If some of it ends up in a bag in your locker, then in your stomach in your apartment, can anyone really blame you? These things happen.

I mean honestly, how do you think I supply half of my Six Year Plan recipes? The plot thickens...


The absolute worst thing is dealing with customers. Especially on a college campus. Do you have any idea how many hungover, stoned, bro-tastic, sorostitute, socially awkward, or just genuinely idiotic people stumble through my dining hall everyday? Shit ain't cool. You may be wondering to yourself "but doesn't the customer come first?" Fuck no. I've seen girls cry because their favorite item ran out. I've seen dudes spit at workers because their order was "taking too long." I've witnessed people demand refunds for no reason at all. While slightly humorous, it's quite draining.

Of course, closing on the weekends sucks too.

Until Next Time.