Tech Tuesday Vol. 18: The Cars Of The Future TODAY (part 1)

Part One. The APPETIZER.
Check back for an intriguing look at The-Cars-Of-The-Future-Today (full-touchscreen exteriors/interior). And below, explore GOOGLE'S SELF-DRIVING CAR and Speed Racer's real-world counterpart. We talk about it all ONLY AT THE DAILY SERGE.

Google's @ss-kicking Self-Driving Car


While built-in hydraulic lifts for cars DO exist, they are simply a luxury version of ordinary, manual power jacks -- you know, for the wealthy garage hobbyist. However, getting enough compressed-air to propel the car into the air whilst driving would be a MAJOR FEAT and has yet to be done (though that doesn't mean it's impossible). IN OTHER NEWS, someone actually built a Mach-5 look-alike with working saw-blades. Pretty sure it's illegal in 50 states +D.C. -- but who's gonna pull you over w/ that kind of weaponry?

If you're interested in more fantasy cars come-to-life, check out Gotham Garage's many street-legal projects -- including an old-school Batmobile.

Live Dangerously.