Tech Tuesday Vol. 18 Part TWO

I'm an organic blogger mixed with a Scientist, R&Der, Observer, and Artist (which is why you'll enjoy my concepts for the next several months), but for today we take a look at the hype surrounding the Tokyo Motorshow. Feast your eyes on this: Toyota aims to kill a flock of birds with one stone.

Disclaimer: This is NOT the Car Of The Future TODAY. This is the Car of The Future. I feel it's important to distinguish between the two. Google's Self-Driving car is VERY REALISTIC; the INFRASTRUCTURE neccessary to put a car like Google's to market is already in place (thank you Google Maps — ah, so there IS a grand design to all this!) whereas with Toyota's "Fun Vii", the issue is the market itself. While I'm sure Insurance companies are thrilled about a giant touchscreen on wheels, I'm hesitant.

But then, there's CORNING INC.'s Gorilla Glass. The stuff that the iPhone sports so famously. I've dropped my phone several times, and boy is Gorilla Glass resilient. While LOTUS GLASS is the company's next project, they would no doubt be a great choice for Toyota. Or, Toyota could invent their own ultra-resilient, ultra-affordable glass. Only time will tell, really. Either way — this IS cool.

Notice that the Fun Vii is an EV (Electric Vehicle), and charged in the garage. Effizienhaus-Plus is valid!


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