Fight of the Concords

Even if you're not a collector, you probably heard about the mayhem that ensued on December 23, 2011. Sneakerheads flocked by the thousands to their local shoe stores, all in efforts to acquire a pair of the 2011 Jordan Retro 11 "Concord".

But what made these shoes have such a high demand? What about this shoe had people rioting, breaking glass in stores, fighting, and even killing for it? What could have possibly given one foot apparel item this much hype??
The BRILLIANT marketing team at Nike, Inc.
Let's do the math. Approximately 400,000 pairs of the Concords were released across the United States. Nike sold the Concords at $180 per unit. THAT SAME DAY, Concords could be found sold online for as much as $650. So in theory, couldn't Nike make a couple hundred thousand more units, bump the price up $50 or so, and help maintain the peace? And wouldn't they benefit from all the extra revenue as well?
Nike wants there to be chaos. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that if Nike made 1 million units of that shoe, all 1 million would sellout the same day. Of course Nike knows that if they bumped up the price people would still pay it, but they want us to stand in line for hours. They want us to have fights break out over the shoe. Our stories about how we waited outside all night and rushed the gate gives them a word-of-mouth promotion that they aren't able to buy.
At the end of the day, Nike understands a simple concept: We don't want to sleep in, casually drive to a Foot Locker, purchase the shoe and then leave. We want a story. We want the hype. We want the chaos.