Laced up

What makes any shoe urbanly attractive? What's the most acceptable way to wear it?

The type of jeans you wear? Matching them with a shirt and a fitted?

When it comes to drawing attention to your urban footwear, there's one key principle that you have to nail down: You need to lace it proper.

For example: Here is a picture of a shoe called the "Eggplant Foamposite:

A decent shoe. And to anyone who knows their sneakers, a rather high ticket item.

Now, here's the same shoe, but laced in the fashion that subconciously draws the most attention to it:

It's all about the looseness.

Now of course I'm not just going to talk about popular urban shoes. This principle has translated over into every culture of footwear.

Let's take the Converse Chuck Taylor for example. In its original form, it was without a doubt created to be a caucasian's shoe. It branded its image with skateboarding and skin-tight jeans. And when it's laced to its normal standard, it maintains its original image:

BUT, when applying the loose-laced principle, Weezy can get up and rock a crowd with the exact same shoe.

In closing: the most trivial details can change an entire culture of a product.


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