On That Note

The image says it all...
Over the past two and a half years, my musical tastes have expanded immensely.  While still extremely select and reserved, they have nevertheless grown from the selection of which they came.  Having primarily listened to arguably the greatest music written by man for many years, (classical music - Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Mendelssohn to name a few) to aimlessly jump into the world of popular music would be foolish and therefore this transition has been a gradual adjustment.

This transition began with Muse - I experienced the band open for U2 at UVA 1 October 2009 and was absolutely blown away.  Thinking U2 should have opened for Muse, I left Charlottesviille, VA wanting more.  The British progressive/space/alternative rock band draws heavily on classical influences with stunning piano insight (openly cite Frederic Chopin in "United States of Eurasia"), minor tonality, rich melody, and demanding instrumental showcasing, yet is able to present this influence in an extremely relevant way, given today's direction of "music."  Their obvious virtuosoity satisfies my snobbish standards of what it means to be a musician, yet they are able to communicate with so many that most likely do not have those standards or the knowledge of what may be going on technically as they hear the musings of Muse.

My journey, like any other adventure, has taken me places that I did not necessarily expect to be taken.  Eventually came my introduction to hip-hop.  Disclaimer: A. When referring to 'hip-hop' in this piece, I refer to what people my age may refer to as "throwback hip-hop" - the real stuff from the 80s and 90s - not necessarily today's stuff.  2.  I unfortunately wasn't around when this was ""in" - I don't know everything about the genre.  Please know my ultimate intention of this piece is to communicate that I have grown to love hip-hop - I don't know everything about the genre nor do I need to know that if I were around during this time, I'd probably be having a lot more fun than I am in this current time.

I started listening to hip-hop throughout the summer of 2011.  This was only the case because I had a temporary full-time job in which the majority of my time was spent making deliveries for a telecommunications company.  The truck I used was older, failing to have a CD player or AUX port for a MP3 player .  Fortunately the Max AC worked great.  Naturally, the hour and a half drive to Boykins, VA felt a heck of a lot longer without music (especially since I'm a music addict).  Since I had no other option but the radio, I soon found myself driving with my left hand as my right hand "manned its position" in channel surfing the FM waves.  Around this time, a new radio had launched in the area - WMOV (Movin') 107.7.  The station does very well in living up to its title of "moving" with a diverse library that includes classic dance, hip-hop, and disco among other genres.  If you're anything like me (which probably isn't the case), you'll find yourself bobbing your head, bouncing, or making various hand motions while listening to 107.7.  The action I perform is typically in direct correlation with how many other drivers are on the road with my at that time, but if the jam is good enough - which often is the case with this station - I disregard any potential hindrance from "letting the spirit take me."

Hearing classic songs like "Return of the Mack," "Fantastic Voyage" (Coolio), "Hypnotize," "Poison!" "Jump," and "Around the Way Girl" led to listening to more of the genre on my own.  I soon found myself regularly making trips to Downtown Norfolk to scope out a regional DJing group that specializes in hip-hop.

I fell in love with hip-hop after realizing there aren't  many, if any reasons not to.  Here are a few reasons that substantiate my recent passion for her:

-She gives you who she is.  I've heard more honesty in hip-hop than I have in today's rap and other genres of music.  All relationships are built on trust.
-She is real.
-She is relevant.  Spreading world-wide since the late 70s, I'd argue more people listen to hip-hop (and genres of music that have come after her because of her) than most, if not all, others.
-She is down to earth, relaxed, and laid back.
-She is timeless.  Just listen.
-She communicates who she really is.  All relationships are based on communication.
-She makes ya' move!

Until next time