The Six Year Plan - Lessons on Love

Dear Reader,

Surprise, this is just going to be a quick post covering one VERY important Six Year Plan ideal. The other portion is going to introduce a new way to celebrate the "holiday." Get it.

1. If you find yourself alone on Valentine's Day, that's your own problem. Let Courage Wolf fix that.
2. In the event that you do, in fact, find yourself alone on Valentine's Day, it then becomes

Gallontine's Day

Acquire a gallon of whichever alcohol you choose. You'll need two handles (1.75 L) and a shortie (200 mL). Get with all your other friends who are just as miserable and lonely as you are, and drink all your worries away! No chasing though: you must let the alcohol burn your throat the way your heart should have burned for her...

Judging by the extreme likelihood of hangover, I'm sure next year won't be Gallontine's Day.

That's all I have for right now. Today is a busy day for me. I mean, my middle name is Valentine for a reason. I can't help it if I'm so damn pretty.

Until Next Time


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