The Six Year Plan - People and Pets

Dear Reader,

What makes humanity different from animals? Aside from higher intelligence (questionable), not all that much. Why do zoos exist? Why do people go whale and bird watching? The answer, Dear Reader, is to be closer to nature. There is something primal about the interaction with animals that simply cannot be denied. Everyone, on some scale or another, yearns for that interaction.

Surprisingly, it's no surprise that humanity would learn to domesticate and raise these animals. While they're mostly called "pets," these animal companions are far more than that. The type of pet you own provides significant insight into the type of personality you have, and the type of relationship you look to get from your pet. Let's do it:


Dogs were the first animals that mankind domesticated. They're intelligent, loyal, fit, and intuitive. Just kinda goes to show why people are so attached to their dogs. When getting a dog, you don't just simply look for a pet. This is a companion. A partner. This animal will give you everything it has, and will ask little in return. The famous quote "My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am" exists for a reason. There is literally a breed of dog for every type of person. Choose wisely.

What a beauty.


Cats are still somewhat of a mystery to people. Yes, they're domesticated, but severely less-so than dogs. Canines were domesticated around 30,000 BC, whereas felines were around 7,500 BC. That's 22,500 years of less control. Now, that being said, understand what you're getting into with a cat. They still want to hunt. They're not going to learn tricks, or even really respond to you. (Then again, there is always an exception.) All they need from you is a meal. Otherwise, tough luck. Kittens are cute, and love to play, but it doesn't last forever. If you really want to do well with a cat, get it young, and condition it towards being active. Last thing you want is a heat-mongering fat-cat...


Fish are little more than art. You buy them to put on display. They serve little function, aside from your own aesthetic gratification. They can't think or communicate: just kinda float around for you. I mean, Pet Smart gives you a two week life guarantee on all fish purchases. Doesn't that prove just how useless they are? But dammit if they aren't pretty... (Windows ALWAYS provides a fish themed background for a reason, ya know)


Hamsters, Rats, Mice, Gerbils, Rabbits, Hedgehogs, etc. The list goes on. People buy these animals because they are cute, fluffy, and small. They serve little function, but at least they can interact with you as a pet. The most entertaining thing you'll get from them involves this and this.


These bad boys are more about the challenge of caring for them. They typically need specific foods and specific living conditions. The attraction to caring for reptiles as pets, it seems, is mostly bragging rights. It definitely means something to have an "exotic" pet, and to take care of it. Aside from that, reptiles tend to be more dangerous than other pets. Just ask this guy.

That's all I've got for now. Hit me up with comments and thoughts. Remember, adopt pets, don't buy...

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  1. but how come when a dog is been abuse the god damn cops dont do nothing they are no difference between us humans and pets.... yes i know our pets might bite but is not there god damn reason... people know a days just ran over dogs like if they where some kinda of bull shit..... i will protest for the cops to do something when it comes to dog abuse.... im 14 years old and im angelica and i am ready to make a change in this bull shit!!!!!