Super Bowl 46 - Some Insights

Super Bowl 46 will be a rematch of Super Bowl 42 between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Super Bowl 42, as well as the media leading up to the game focused on the Pats trying to put the finishing touches on an otherwise perfect season. Eli Manning had other things in mind, crushing the Patriots undefeated dreams late in the 4th quarter with a touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress. The game was highlighted with other heroics such as the historic “helmet catch” made by David Tyree that resulted in a first down and a 32 yard gain with 58 seconds left in the game. That play was named the play of the decade by NFL Films. Tyree has since retired, but the Giants have restacked the deck in their attempt to win the franchises 4th Super Bowl.

One Giants wide receiver to keep an eye on is Victor Cruz. Cruz, an undrafted free agent signee brought on in 2010, had a breakout season after suffering a season ending hamstring injury 3 weeks into the 2010 campaign. He set the Giants single season franchise record for receiving yards as well as tying the record for the longest reception when he gloved a 99 yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning in Week 16 against their cross town rival the New York Jets. Hakeem Nicks, Ramses Barden, and Mario Manningham round out the rest of the Giants rather young receiving core.

The Patriots have their own fire power as well; obviously Tom Brady is going to be a big factor when it comes to the Patriots offensive game plan. Brady may be feeling slightly vengeful towards the Giants after having his undefeated season stolen from him in the final minutes of a game that broke the hearts of Patriots fans all over the country. The Patriots have been trying to dispel those rumors of revenge in the many press conferences leading up to the big game. Perfection is not on the line this season, but Brady is still looking to secure his fourth ring putting him only 1 behind Charles Haley who holds the record for most Super Bowl wins as an individual player. 

Eli Manning is steadily proving all his naysayers wrong with every successful drive and post season win. When asked at the beginning of the season if he considered himself a top 5 quarterback in the game Eli replied yes without so much as a thought. His accolades were totaled as well his experience and the consensus was that he was not at the time and still had more to prove to the league. Making his second Super Bowl appearance in 4 years coupled with throwing for almost five thousand yards in 2011 (a career high) he is definitely making a case for being an elite quarterback.

Super Bowl 46 will be Bill Belichick’s 5th career appearance in the Super Bowl, all with the Patriots, resulting in 3 wins and 1 loss. The only coach with more Super Bowl appearances is Don Shula who has 6, but Shula only took home hardware two times in his 33 year career. Shula may be the golden boy when it comes to NFL head coaches, but Belichick outshines him in a statistic that really counts, playoff wins, Shula has lost a third of his post season games while Belichick has won over two thirds of his. He runs his team with the silence of a military special ops battalion, which is one of the many attributing reasons why the Patriots are a force to be reckoned with in the AFC every year.

Madonna will be gracing the stage of the Super Bowl 46 half time show. She will be accompanied by Nicki Minaj as well as M.I.A., but the songs will mainly be from Madonna’s collection. She will be looking to outdo The Black Eyed Peas and Usher’s performance last year at Cowboys Stadium which also featured an appearance from Slash that was less than appetizing. The NFL has been enlisting the services of older artists in hopes of preventing a fiasco like the infamous wardrobe malfunction of 2004, involving Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. After that horrid year, The NFL made a point of hiring acts with aging audience demographics like The Who, Bruce Springsteen, and the Rolling Stones in hopes of making the show more family friendly. In addition to the half time show, viewers will be tuning in to see who will own the rights to the funniest Super Bowl commercial of 2012. The usual suspects include Budweiser, E Trade and Doritos, but AT&T has made progress with their recent string of commercials focusing on cellphone users’ need to constantly be up to date. Super Bowl 46 will be a great game from start to finish that will be intensified by the media surrounding it.

(Contributed by guest writer Richard Dicks)