Tech Tuesdays Vol. 22: Pretty Fly for a UI

I'm finding many of my titles are becoming song-based puns lately. Also: I've recently had the pleasure of visiting a local spot for Thai cuisine that's reasonably priced, comes with great proportion size, and has an overall enjoyable atmosphere. With the review coming in the not-so-distant later, I'm giving you something Tech-related to hold you over (see what I did there?). Pico projectors are something that I've mentioned before -- if not on TDS then certainly via social media. Pico projectors are basically really small handheld projectors that are designed to accommodate the ever-shrinking size of our gadgets, especially high-storage capacity ones. The pico projectors also take nearly any surface and turn it into a viewing surface. HOWEVER, I've NEVER seen anyone switch windows, applications, or do ANYTHING simply by rotating their coffee mug (which ought to be a #TDS mug by the way (SHAMELESS PLUG)). That is, UNTIL NOW...
watch the vid. Be amazed. Keep your browser locked on The Daily Serge.

Could you imagine? No more need for mice... just double-tap your coffee mug, your remote, your chaptstick... whatever! Amazing. Of course, we also have touch-free gesture-based user interaction to discuss. While the XBOX KINECT has been making leaps and bounds in bringing fairly simple gesture-based technology to consumers -- not to mention to the Operating Room -- I feel as if though there is still a little ways to go before we see the technology infiltrate our lives any time soon (change the radio/iPod station in your car with a literal flick of the wrist?). Software called EyeSight aims to change this, lettin you "use the force" on your tablet. The only downside? While it's available now for Android devices, the technology is not yet being widely used.

Societal Adoption is a fickle mistress.

Just for fun, check out this awesome little short-film from Small Surfaces when you have time (it's only 6 minutes & change long). It's very much like the "Days of Glass" videos from Asahi and Corning; except, you know, this one isn't about glass at all. Nevertheless: still VERY cool.

You'll notice that some of the interactions in the video are very iPad-esque; however, there are also some very new interactions that take place in the video -- for example, as a woman in a cab passes a tall building, she is somehow magically notified "You're Meeting is HERE Tomorrow". If I had somethin' like THAT, I'd ditch Google Maps in a heartbeat (oh, I'm supposed to turn left NOW? But...)

If your appetite is still not sated: this TED talk is also worth checking out. It goes along with the whole "Minority Report" theme. Basically, for less than 250 Euros you could rig a smartphone to respond to gesture-based commands via "special gloves".

OR, you could download EyeSight from the android market.

That's all I got for now, hungry hippos.


And beware the power of the dark side...

Thanks goes to Engadget for sharing the first vid. Thanks to Small Surfaces for the second. Thanks to EyeSight and TED for the others; and of course thanks to Volkswagon and George Lucas.


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