What's the competition?

In the sneaker world, there is a pretty big misunderstanding taking place:

Some people consider the two greatest players in the NBA to be Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. So naturally, pick a side for when it is undoubtedly going to come up in conversation. A lot of people even go to the extreme of only buying Lebron merchandise because they "won't support Kobe" and vice versa. But here's the big missing link:

They don't make a dime off of their merch sales.

All players who have merchandise are sponsored by a brand. They sign a contract of an allotted amount over a defined period of time. They don't make a single cent of commission off of their apparel and footwear. And as far as Kobe vs. Lebron goes; Nike owns them BOTH.

Here's the proof! They are literally the exact same sock, except different colors and a different logo. We're not "supporting" either player by buying their merchandise, we're supporting their company.

The only time that apparel support really counts is when there's an unestablished, promising player with no sponsorships. For example, if Jeremy Lin decided to sign with Nike (please sweet Jesus) then the sales figures for his apparel and footwear at the end of his contract would determine how much he could make when that contract expires, and how much the brand will invest into marketing his products.



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