First Look at Halo 4: Will I Finally Get A Positive K/D Spread?

There have been a couple of Halo games to come out in the past few years, but it has been five years since the original Master Chief John-117 has led us on a chase against the Covenant and Flood.  But where Bungie has hung up the cleats to develop anymore Halo titles, 343 Industries has taken the reigns and promises to take the multimillion dollar franchise and take it to the next level.  Coming this Christmas season, Halo 4 is expected to revolutionize the industry.  The trailer below paves the way for the heightened graphics, fast paced game play, and amazing score that will put me on the fast track for a negative K/D spread.

One of the features 343 Studios promises to deliver on is armor customization.  In the past, the Spartans would only change aesthetically.  Now, the changes you make to your armor will actually impact the in-game experience.  Before I go on, note that I just recently began playing Halo in the past month.  I can barely make it through a match without throwing the sticks down twice.  Facing a team of modded Spartans will end up breaking my controller.  And when my health is on its last blinked red node, don't count on a health pickup to lower my blood pressure.  343 has reworked how the health meter is affected and there will be no health packs to live a few seconds longer before a pack of 12 year olds treats your Spartan like the end of The Last Exorcism.

Like being tea-bagged by the Devil.
Outside of some of the new game play and sharp graphics, the story of Halo will be slightly different when playing the multiplayer mode instead of the single player mode.  The stories will be connected but Frankie O'Connor of 343 Industries says not to spend too much time wondering how.  The overall story will coincide with another novel by Karen Traviss to add an extra element to the adventure, but will not be reliant on it.  I am thankful of this because the only Halo literature I plan on reading is the button layout and the number that goes up every time I get a kill.  Technically, I have not read pass the number 7.

The morning after I realized bailing out of a Warthog going over a cliff didn't help the other two guys in it...

Although there are bound to be hundreds of new features, 343 is keeping it extremely close to the chest.  With no plans of a public Beta, all we will know are the short bursts of information coming out of the developing team, such as the rumor of 'perks' in the multiplayer mode.  While the idea is synonymous with Call of Duty, 343 hints that Halo 4 will not be a mirror image of what is already on the market.  They want to keep things fresh and on the front line while still retaining the veteran players who have been with the franchise since they were first ambushed on the Pillar of Autumn.  And even though I yell profanities every time I flip my Mongoose going over a hill, when the match is all said and done, I look forward to playing one more time.  Judging by the video showing the making of Halo 4, below, we can be certain it will carry on that tradition.



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