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Janet Jackson's "Nasty" single artwork
As made known the past few weeks, I've recently been getting into hip-hop.  The same can be said of 80s pop, although I started to branch out into this genre before I realized I fell for hip-hop.  This happened shortly over a year ago with my introduction to Prince.  With so many artists though, only recently have I uncovered some of the greats that, unbeknownst to me until now, assisted in molding the music and culture of not just their genre, but of those that came after them.

Janet Jackson's second single off of her third album Control, "Nasty," is a track that has infiltrated pop culture, and rightly so - it's sure to get any crowd off their bottom and on their feet (if you find yourself in a situation where this isn't possible, i.e. driving, I'd be a decent stack of frog skins that you'll at least bounce in tempo).  104 BPM,  the signature track features Jackson's vocals, a poppin' theme, and a slamming instrumental that oozes attitude.  The relatively simple composition makes for a great tune that can be enjoyable to all.  VH1 dubbed the hit 30th of the 100 best songs of the past 25 years (2003) and 45th greatest song of the 80s (2006).  Topping at 3rd on Billboard's Hot 100, "Nasty" was also ranked 79th of the 100 greatest pop songs of all time by Rolling Stone.

This song is so good, even my dad knows it:  A week and a half ago, I found myself writing a take-home midterm for a class due later in the day.  Taking longer than hoped and projected, the paper kept me off my bike on a 75 degree day.  Naturally, music was in the air while I was hitting the keys (keyboard, the computer kind, not the ivories) and this song was repeated many times, making the inability to get my miles in for the day due to my assignment somewhat bearable as it lightened the mood.  My dad, who was around for a period of time, followed along and danced in his kitchen to the groove.  If you knew my father, you'd realize that this, in and of itself, says enough...


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