Peyton Manning Free Agency

The man, the myth, and the legend - Peyton Manning
For the past 14 years there has been one man who has been not only the face of his team, but also the face of the NFL, one man that had 9 straight double digit win season, a super bowl ring, super bowl MVP, a number one overall pick, holder of multiple NFL records, oh and 4 NFL MVP awards.  None other than Peyton Manning.  For the past 14 years he has brought the Indianapolis Colts from one of the perennial worst teams in the league to a household name.  This man that brought so much to the city of Indianapolis is now parting ways with it.  As of Wednesday March 7th Peyton Manning became not only the most prolific free agent of the year but in history.  The question on everyone’s mind is "Where will he go next?"  Nearly every team that doesn't have an elite quarterback is expected to throw an offer at Manning.  As of Thursday March 8th there were 12 teams that were interested in Manning including the Dolphins, Chiefs, Broncos, Jets, Cardinals, Seahawks, and Redskins.  The big question is which team will win the lottery and land the 11 time pro bowler.

Every team has something different to offer.  The Broncos can offer a great defense with two fantastic pro bowlers in Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller, which would be similar to what he had in Freeney and Mathis in Indianapolis.  Cardinals can provide an establishing defense with perhaps the best wide receiver in the game in Larry Fitzgerald. They also play in a dome, which would be a much easier transition for Manning considering every home game he has ever played has been in a dome.  Also the warm Arizona weather could be easy on his 35 soon to be 36 year- old body.  Miami has a similar situation with its warm weather, pro bowl receiver, and an explosive back in Reggie Bush who is coming off his most productive year, and a solid defense.  The fact that Miami has just hired a new head coach could work in Manning’s favor.  There would be no question Manning would be in charge and would have the freedom to operate his own offense once again.  The only reason of concern for Peyton in Miami is that he would be in the same division as Tom Brady and he would have to square off against him twice a year.  To the fans this would be a dream but to Peyton this could be an issue.

Although these are some of the most likely scenarios, time will tell if Peyton decides to a more super bowl friendly San Francisco or Houston.  Both of these cities are great defensively, have elite running backs, and maybe a quarterback away for being super bowl favorites.  Houston does have a couple big attractions that could sway Manning’s decision, first being Andre Johnson, a perennial pro bowler and debatably the best wide receiver in the game.  Another attraction is that they play in the AFC, so Peyton wouldn’t have to step on baby brother Eli’s shoes on the way to the super bowl.  The final reason would be the fact that the Texans play in the same division as the Colts and Manning would get to play his previous team twice a year.

Every team that doesn't have a pro bowl quarterback is expected to roll out the red carpet for Manning.  This will be the biggest free agent signing in NFL history.  Although every team has something different to offer Peyton, in the end he will hand pick the team he wants to finish his career with.  The anticipation builds as the decision draws nearer.

Contributed by guest blogger Robert Fullam


  1. Curious to see who the lucky NFL team will be to sign Peyton. Keep us posted....

  2. Couldnt agree more . Well written and right to the point.