The Road We've Traveled, Pt. 2

Last night, both Tsheilyna and I attended the screening of the new 17 minute documentary from Academy Award®-winning director Davis Guggenheim [see above video].  The setting was in the outdoor studio of one of the Obama supporters; phone banking was finishing up.  This was a grassroots movement that was eagerly awaiting the 7 p.m. showing of their dear leader.  The lights dimmed and an American flag shows up on the projector.  The Daily Serge was on the front lines of the Obama campaign, and are eyes were about to soak in their words.

The scene at the screening of The Road We've Traveled.
Tom Hanks smooth voice narrates this documentary as prominent Democratic faces go through the key issues that President Obama has tackled.  Implying that most of these issues were the remainder of a bad Bush era, Former Senior White House Advisor David Axelrod jokingly thought, "Can we get a recount?"  The audience found it to be a great joke to kick keep the show rolling.  Then they laid out the issues that were conquered by the POTUS.

First:  Job Loss
The video shows the job loss was devastating before Obama took office, but after signing the Recovery Act, we are to assume things drastically improved.  As noted, the video shows where money would be put to good use.  What it fails to mention, however, is the 8.3% unemployment that is still going on.  Some argue it is as high as 11%.  The common response is that Obama inherited a bad economy under the Bush administration, so under that logic, Obama, if reelected, would be inheriting a bad economy under his own administration.

Second:  Auto Executives Needed a Bailout
This section received many approving head nods from the folks watching.  Biden stated that he, along with most of the nation, would not have bailed out the auto industry, but Obama made an executive decision to bail them out.  The video makes it seem that Obama knows what is best for us, and the audience loved it.  "If the economy goes down...blood is on his hands" -Elizabeth Warren, Former Special Advisor on the Consumer Protection Bureau.  The debate on whether this was a good idea will never be resolved, but the Democrats who are going to vote for him give laudatory praise on his directive.  This 'one man directive', though, is what the Conservatives fear.  One man making the decisions of a nation, while disregarding what the nation wants, is what the Republican platform attempts to fight against.  But the left enjoys the type of leader that is willing to bear the burden of heavy decisions.

Third:  Health Care
One of the most controversial issues in the political arena is the availability of healthcare.  The video makes clear that both parties have always struggled with this issue and that 17.5% of our paychecks, the most of any country, goes to a healthcare system that causes some turmoil.  But the spin in the video is that the left is confronted by hostile opposition.  Just like the bailout, the left is moved by emotions, where as the conservatives are moved by facts, figures, and what the government should and should not be allowed to force upon its citizens.

Fourth: End of the Iraq War
This section received a few claps as they showed the troops returning home.  What is not mentioned is the troops were surged into Afghanistan.  With the war officially called 'The War on Terror', which is still taking place, to say he ended the Iraq War is a bit of a stretch.  The capture of Osama bin Laden is the focal point of this segment, which shows another example of where the President had to make a decision alone.  Biden comments with, "He's alone...this is his decision......his presidency would be done [if he was wrong about the location of Osama]."

To wrap it up, the Guggenheim production shows other instances of Obama making executive decisions, such as selecting Richard Cordray as the Director of the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau without getting approval from the Senate.  When the screen faded to black, the room applauded.  Tears were shed.  Hands were shaken.  The atmosphere was likened to the President winning, again.  The Obama supporters are a tight knit community.  They know they are being attacked by the conservative media, but refuse to move their ground.  While admirable, it also means they are not willing to see both sides of the issues.  To their advantage, this documentary will gain heavy popularity with the already excited liberals and might sway a large number of undecided vote.  As long as the GOP continues to cut down their own legs and the Obama administration continues to produce videos like this, then you can be assured that President Obama will become a two-term president.


  1. Did it explain what Obama meant when he said he have more flexibility after his next election?

  2. Not this go around....maybe he will clear it up on his next video in a few years...