The Road We've Traveled

This Thursday, I have been invited to preview a private screening of the upcoming 17 minute documentary The Road We've Traveled, which chronicles President Obama's past three years.  With the GOP in the limelight as we approach November, the Obama administration has risen to a disapproval rate of 50%.  Voters are focusing on gas prices and keeping money in their pockets, and their administration knows it will take more than hopeful rhetoric to reel in support.  This documentary is meant to showcase the policies that Obama set into motion, including the automotive bailout, general economy, and the killing of Osama Bin Laden, while interview critical political figures, including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Congressional Candidate Elizabeth Warren, and Senior Advisor David Axelrod.

In 2008, days before the general election, Obama purchased a 30 minute slot on national television to showcase American Stories, American Solutions.  After being posted on YouTube and gaining over two million views, chances are The Road We've Traveled will gain the same popularity with the mainstream media. With the audience being filled with voters who have made up their mind in choosing Obama, though, the 17 minute video needs to cater to the undecided vote if they want to make any change in the political atmosphere.  At a time when gas prices are skyrocketing and a war with Iran hangs over our heads, the reception of this video will be a clear indication of the President's chances for reelection.

Below is the official trailer, but be assured that after watching the screening, I will break down the key issues highlighted in the documentary.  Narrated by Tom Hanks, the quality is sure to be impressive, but will the message get delivered?  Check in Thursday to find out all the facts.


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